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Our Newest Project

Welcome to Prabu Hills

Embrace the Royal Elegance Amidst Nature’s Best
Nestled in the heart of the charming village of Prabu, Building Emotions Investments proudly presents an epitome of elegant living and sustainable development – Prabu Hills. The name ‘Prabu’, symbolizing a ‘mighty king’ in both Javanese and Indonesian, aptly reflects the majestic aura of our new project, ensuring that you live life like a king!


Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Gem

Prabu Hills is intricately placed amidst three lush hills, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the esteemed Areguling Beach. Renowned for its high surfing season during the rains, Areguling is a hidden gem that beams with turquoise waters, captivating the heart of every wanderlust.


Sustainable Luxury Living

In our gated community, witness the flawless blending of luxury and sustainability. With a commitment to preserve the rich, green visage of the hills, there will be no visible fences or walls between the land plots, ensuring an uninterrupted cascade of verdant splendor.

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Enriched Community Life

Our development doesn’t just offer homes; it assures an enriched lifestyle:

The Epitome of Serene & Secure Living
Prabu Hills isn’t merely a residential project; it’s a commitment towards providing an elite, secure, and serene living experience, with a touch of natural essence and a promise of sustainability. Allow yourself to be seduced by the spectacular views, whilst knowing that your surroundings are built upon a foundation of community, sustainability, and luxury.

Join us, and make Prabu Hills your paradise where luxury meets tranquility.

Diverse Elegance at Prabu Hills: Your Ideal, Your Design

Step into a world where every plot is a canvas, waiting to be transformed into your personalized haven. Prabu Hills, where we honor diverse desires by offering a myriad of plot sizes, ensure that there is something perfect, awaiting everyone.

Tailoring Luxury to Each Desire

1000m² Plots: Navigate through a realm where luxury is boundless – envision sprawling gardens, larger recreational spaces, or even an outdoor gourmet kitchen, crafting a residence that’s unequivocally yours.

1500m² Plots and Above: For those who seek to build a kingdom of their own, our largest plots provide a boundless scope for grandeur, accommodating expansive villas, vast pools, and personalized leisure facilities, all enveloped by the resplendent nature.


Inclusively Exclusive

Prabu Hills weaves a tapestry of inclusivity, ensuring luxury is not just reserved for the affluent. With a rich array of options, from modest holiday homes to expansive estates, we welcome a community that appreciates an exquisite lifestyle in varied measures.


Embarking on a Journey of Choices

In each of our thoughtfully designed plots, residents are not only guaranteed a home but a lifestyle curated to their unique preferences. Regardless of the plot size, every inhabitant at Prabu Hills is embraced by lush landscapes, paramount amenities, and a vibrant, welcoming community.


Where Every Size Celebrates Luxury

Every plot at Prabu Hills is a testament to a lifestyle that is as unique and varied as our residents. We invite you to explore and sculpt your own paradise, where the luxury of choice and nature’s bounty converge harmoniously.


Step into Prabu Hills, where your dream dwelling awaits, tailored uniquely to you.

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